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Warrior weekend

June 28, 2010

Well this weekend I think I went a little insane.  Saturday we headed down to the Palisades Mall in NY.  Now if anyone whose reading this has been there you know how extreamly massive this mall is.  Definately not the place to go if your not wearing suitable shoes.  I was a bit disappointed that one of my favorite stores was closing.  Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore which I absolutely loved is closing.  They had all sorts of anime stuff from toys to comics but what I like about Kinokuniya was that they sold Journaling materials.  They had items of course from Japan that you basically can’t find anywhere here.  Great paper, stickers, etc that could be used for journals and arts.  and they had minature items that I often collect to use as inspiration for my art.  I’ll get more into my crazy collection at a later time.

The funny thing is that in all the years of my venturing into this shop I never once saw Japanese people shopping but on Saturday all the customers with the exception of us where Japanese.  I felt oddly out of place but browsed of course all the goodstuff was gone (insert sad face here).

Then Sunday I was left to fend for myself since Rob had a job to work on.  I went litterally insane.  I decided on a whim that I would remove the doors from the kitchen cabinets.  I started to unscrew all the doors one by one. After accidently letting one of the doors drop on my very expensive spice rack which unfortunately had lots of indian spices in it so my house still smells like curry, I was finally able to get the look I wanted. 

The New look.

One thing I learned is that you need 4 hands to complete this job.  So I did get the look I wanted.  A nice open feel in the kitchen and it only cost me a $80 spice rack and a large chunk of skin that I lost in the fight with the falling door.  Oh and let’s not forget the hour it took to clean the house then the additional 45 minutes to bake brownies to mask the smell of curry (oh who am I kidding I just wanted brownies).

Somewhere in the mist of my madness I started to watch the movie Penelope.  And was inspired to start a new piece of art.

Penelope gets her piggy nose.

So I started my version of Penelope.  I will most likely let everyone at home starve tonight so that I can complete her because one of my downfalls is that I’m very impatient and want to start what I finish before I even start it.  But there she is in all her glory her little turned up snout looking rather odd on the canvas but one thing that I find is that when i’m painting these sculptures there comes one moment when click like a light bulb what my vision is really comes to life.

So I’ll keep everyone posted on how she’s doing most likely I’ll have completed her by tomorrow.

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