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I’m NOT uncomfortable with my new body.

June 28, 2010

I was watching a program called True Life this weekend the episode is called “I’m uncomfortable with my new body”.  In this episode they followed around people who have had weight loss surgery.  One of the girls who I’ll get into later still struggled with body image.  The other young man called Rocky had lost over 300lbs as a result of his lapband surgery.  Now with the lapband it’s basically a band that placed around the stomach and can be filled or emptied to allow one to be restricted or to eat normally again.   This young man wanted to have a full body lift done to remove the excess skin from his body.  He also decided to have the band emptied so he could attempt to lose the remaining 25lbs he was looking to lose on his own.  So Rocky has his band emptied out thus leaving him with no eating restriction.  Within 2 hours of the procedure they show Rocky at a local diner eating.  He eats a wrap and salad and promptly throws up. God do I know this feeling but after he sits down and has a milk shake, a piece of pie, another shake, another desert and within a short amount of time he’s had approximately 5-6 shakes I literally lost count.  Not including the meal and other deserts.  Leaving the restaurant he states that he’s eaten everything on the menu and is now struggling with the guilt.

MTV's True Life

Later they show Rocky heading back to have his band refilled because his eating is out of control and he’s begun to gain weight.   I’m not beating Rocky up here let me just state that first and I’m going to go on and give you a brief description of Kimberly who lost 125lbs after having the gastric bypass surgery.  Now Kimberly who looks amazing is struggling with the body image due to the excess skin.   Kimberly spends most of the episode seeking validation for her new body.

One of the things that I have learned as I’ve traveled this road of weight loss surgery is the importance of therapy/counseling before you even undergo the knife.  When I had my surgery it was becoming common place to just send the patient to a therapist for one session and ok them for the surgery.  To be honest it took a heck of a lot more than one session of counseling which as I’m sure I’ve stated before I totally attribute my success to.  Fact is when you lose massive weight in such a short time it’s virtually impossible for your brain to come to terms with the new you.  I’m just about 7 years out and I still am the “fat girl” I was 7 years ago.  Yes it’s gotten better, I can see the new me clearly now but often I regress to thinking I’m still as big as I use to be this happens a lot when I’m clothes shopping. 

These two individuals struggle with 2 different issues aside from the body image.  Kimberly needs validation which we all do to a certain extent.  Rocky doesn’t have a handle on his eating which is evident by the fact that he once weighed 300lbs.  I can sympathize with both of these people.  There are times I want someone to say “wow your hot” and even when they do (thank you honey) sometimes it’s not enough and I would love to have a day where I could eat anything I wanted and frankly I would probably either out do Rocky or be so terrified that I wouldn’t eat at all.

The fact is that surgery is not an easy way out.  Aside from the maintenance you have to do after surgery Yes dare I say it yet again DIET and EXERCISE.  There are the mental and physical aspects of having the surgery to contend with.  Knowing that you can regain at anytime, dealing with the desire to eat like a normal person, dealing with the excess skin and body image issues.  The weight drops off fairly quickly but these things stay with you a life time.

There is a part in the program where Kimberly after seeing a therapist exclaims “I don’t think this therapist is going to ever get me to love the old me”  What Kimberly is missing is that there is no old me. Old or New your still the same person with the same issues, with the same family, with the same thoughts and desires.  Once I learned to accept the “Old” me as being just me things got a little easier. It wasn’t a cure all but it did make a difference.

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  1. July 20, 2010 10:16 pm

    Thank you! -Rocky

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