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Stamford’s ALIVE@FIVE Event

June 24, 2010
 We had the privilege this year to be one of the sponsor of the Alive @ 5 after event in Stamford called Still Alive @ 8 that takes place at Rack n Rolls. 

So we headed down to Columbus Park in Stamford, CT to listen to some great music, meet up with friends, co-sponsors and just have a blast. 

Friends and Co-sponsors


Rob designed and printed the official shirts for Sound Magazine and the Still Alive@8 event. He also did the shirts for Route 22 a local restaurant in Stamford. 

Our friends from Route 22


We got to listen to a band called Ten Feet Deep which I keep wanting to refer to as six feet under. Sorry guys! 

Ten Feet Deep
Ten Feet Deep
Ten Feet Deep


And we enjoyed the tremendous heat although there was a breeze sometimes strong enough to blow the tents away. And of course I got silly and took a photo of Rob while he was taking a photo of me! 

Taking a pic of Rob
Rob taking a pic of me my cell takes crappy pics


I also got to enjoy the art exhibit that’s taking place in Stamford. 

Me and Dorthy Dog she's wearing ruby slippers

Me and the Musical Cat

I guess I got lazy at one point


We sat around the Columbus fountain for a bit to cool down along with everyone else. 

The Columbus Park Fountain

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.


Even with the heat and threat of storms all evening it was a nice turn out, great music and I had a good time. 

I'm a bit of a ham!

I was a little wind-blown, a lot HOT due to the heat and wanted to just sit near the fountain. But Rob dragged me around the event to mix and mingle but he made sure to end the night with a nice Margarita, a great dinner in an air-conditioned restaurant so I can’t complain and I’m actually looking forward to next weeks Thursday night event. 

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