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On the subject of Technology

June 24, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about my Sony Reader and how using technology so much takes away from things like enjoying the feel of a book in your hands. 

It’s really crazy when you think about the technological advances that have happened to the world in such a short period of time and it’s outright amazing. 

We’ve gone from massive computers to ones that fit in your purse.  We’ve gone from Vinyl records to CDs and now Blue Ray. Our cell phones have gone from big kleenex box sized phones to tiny phones you can slip into your pocket.  We have the Itouch, Ipad, Android and Digital TVs, even 3D movies are now accessible in our own homes.  No need to go to the movies and wear the funky blue and red glasses (remember those?).

Times have change. We no longer really call each other, we send txt messages instead. I often find myself sitting at the dinner table and having a conversation with my daughter whose 14 through texting.  We go to internet cafe, chatrooms and dating sites to connect with others.  We no longer write letters that we post and hand over to the mail man we simply send an email.

I watch my daughter and realize how much she’s missing out on.  The writing, the socializing in a real way.  All of that is becoming a dinosaur.  I’ve been guilty of having long-winded deep important discussions through email myself.  Kids no longer even go outside to play they stay in no sun, no running around. I remember my mom sending me outside as a kid and I was expected not to return home until sundown.

The fact is that even in this day and age of all these technological advances we have to keep reminding ourselves what’s important. Getting our kids outdoors, having deep meaningful relationships that are face to face and not over the web.

One of the reasons I started to make journals was simply because I found that writing had become a lost art.

The Alice and Wonderland Journal

I created my first journal 2 years ago as a gift and I haven’t stopped since.  Now I get requests from my daughter’s friends to create journals for them. I sell them at a modest price of $10 because I realized that these kids where paying for the journals themselves.  

Cindy and her Madina Lake Journal

I’ve made journals with themes ranging from the mundane to the crazy. It’s been a fun experiences and what’s more is that these journals are inspiring the kids that get them to write.   After speaking to a few of the girls and boys that have gotten my journals I realize how important it is for us to keep things like writing alive. 

 To purchase one of my journals you can visit or email me if you’re looking for a custom-made theme.

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