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Books Books and More Books.

June 23, 2010

When the first book readers came onto the market.  I being a book lover promptly went out and purchased one a Sony Reader to be exact.  I really wanted the Kindle, I’ll confess but it was $400+ as opposed to the $200+ I paid for the Sony.  So I was excited when I got it and quickly purchased and downloaded about 10 books that I had on my too read list.  Heck I even downloaded the bible and well we all know I’m not a bible. 

So after a few weeks of pressing buttons to flip through pages of the reader I realized that I missed the feel of a book in my hands.  Yes indeed the feel, the smell, the anticipation of turning each pages of papers as I read a book the reader just didn’t live up to my expectations.  

I have had this book for about 10 years.


Although the reader was a great way to downsize and take my reading when I traveled it lacked in character.   It wasn’t the same experience like when you hold a book in your hands and I missed that so I quickly shelved the reader and opted to return to regular good old paper books. 

I litterally take this book with me everywhere.


 I have books like the one pictured above that I have chosen to keep, read again and use.  As a matter of fact the particular book pictured “Faith in the Valley” by Iyanla Vanzant has been in my bag for over 10 years.  I found that when I’m in need of a little pep talk I open it up.  Through out the years the book has fallen apart. 

years of use


I’ve glued it back together and it’s fallen apart again.  I even put it away for a while and yes downloaded it into my reader but quickly picked up the torn and used paper back again.  Today it still sits in my bag that I carry with me during the week now it’s held together by rubber bands. And I still open it just about every day. 

If you’re an avid book reader and like to travel with your books the readers are great space savers but I will admit that turning to technology to often you seem to lose something in what you do.   

So if your going to choose a reader ask yourself this one important question. 

How does a paperback novel feel in your hands?

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