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Let the wind blow through your hair

June 20, 2010

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post much.  As per my usually weekly art store fix we took a drive to the art store to pick up some supplies for my dad for father’s day and of course for myself.  Then we hit the outdoor flea market

On the way home as I fussed with my hair because we had the windows to the car rolled down and I was trying to get it out of my face I recalled a story that I read about a woman who shortly before dying of cancer writes a letter stating that one of her regrets was that she always told her kids to roll up the windows so that her hair wouldn’t get messy and she wishes she had just let the wind blow through her hair.  And if anyone recalls who this person is or where this poem/letter is please let me know. 

Anyway, while in the car fussing around with my hair I remember this and also considering that I work in a place where we see a lot of cancer patients. I was suddenly taken to the thought of what if I was that woman. 

When I had my weightloss surgery the lack of vitamins in the beginging stages of the weight loss caused me to lose a lot of my hair.  My hair dropped out in massive amounts and within 3 months I had bald spots throughout my head mainly in the front of my scalp.   Lucklie once I learned what to eat, what vitamins to take (a very important subject by the way) and how to care for my hair that I was once use to washing on a daily basis things got better.  But what if? 

And as I recalled this story.. I sat in the car windows wide open and I let the wind blow through my hair.

For many women our hair is fairly important, be it long or short it’s represents a part of who we are.  we style, color and cut it to fit our personality.  What if it’s gone what if worse it’s gone and your  facing your own mortality?  Don’t worry about your hair getting messed up in the car.. Enjoy the wind.. the breeze.. let the wind blow through your hair the next time your in your car.

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