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Losin It…

June 18, 2010

Alright so I already told everyone here that going on 7 years ago I had weight loss surgery.  I had a VBG which is short for Vertical Banded Gastroplasty.  Not the traditional weightloss surgery I basically have my stomach intact, there was no re-routing and I was told I would only lose about 70lbs and most likely gain it back within 3-4 years.

Me the night before Surgery 280lbs

I underwent the surgery for a number of reasons.  Some of those being that I couldn’t lose the weight no matter how hard I tried.  I was begining to have difficulty walking and moving.  The weight of 280lbs on a 5″3 frame was just to much, I just wasn’t enjoying life anymore and I was on about 10 different medications for high blood pressure, asthma, pain, depression, etc.

Needless to say it wasn’t fun and sadly I was one of those people that had been obese all my life.  

When I decided to have the surgery I was told because of my choice in surgeries which i’ll get to at some other post I would only lose about 70lbs and would most likely gain some if not most back within a 4 year span.

It’s been almost 7 years and I have lost 135lbs! Might I add that I am definately not a typical result of this surgery.  

Recent Pic at 145lbs

Also, bare in mind if you are considering this surgery or any weight loss surgery that it’s definately not an easy road to travel.  Your entire life changes not only physically but mentally and again i’ll post more on that at another time.

There are so many things to contend with when having surgery like this.  Aside from the mental and physical aspects it affects your external relationships also.  I Will confess that I went through a lot of therapy before even considering the surgery and I attribute a lot of my success with that fact.   And the surgery is not without it’s drawback which are things like

1. your mind doesn’t catch up with your body I sometimes have to remind myself that I no longer weight 280lbs

2. you can’t eat the things you use to. Simple things like chicken, beef can get stuck and make me vomit (I do a lot of that). You can’t eat sugars or high fats without dumping (a topic for another day)

3.  Your left with massive amounts of excess skin (which cost thousands to remove and leave you looking like you got sawed in half during a magic trick gone wrong.)

4.  Your relationships change. Unfortunately sometimes people can’t get past the your not my funny fat friend anymore mentality.

5.  Did I mention I do a lot of throwing up??  yea a lot..

6.  There is always a risk of gaining back the weight. So you have to be very careful and yes dare I say it.. Diet and Exercise!

I can go on and on about the downfalls but let me mention now some of the  upsides to this entire process for me.

1. I lost 135lbs

2. I don’t get looked at as the fat girl I blend in with everyone else.

3.  I can get into an amusement park ride.

4. I can shop anywhere (well just about cause i’m a bit top heavy)

5.  I was given a life I never expected.

So that’s that, there is so much more I can add to this post but it’s long enough so i’ll cut it short and leave some for the next time.

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