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That Damn Coconut!

June 15, 2010

Well, as a result of drinking that delicious coconut water last night I am still in a bit of pain.  Not many of you know but I had a VBG (Vertical Banded Gastroplasty) aka Weight Loss surgery 6 years ago.  So of course the hole Coconut attack left my pouch irritated and as a result i’m religated to drinking fluids for today.  Not much of a big deal really considering I rarely even get hungry on most days.

Problem is today is not most days. Although my pouch is feeling kicked around by a freaken coconut I am dying for anything solid, crackers, a nibble of cheese heck i’ll eat one of those candy coated bugs a lot of unmentionable stores (grrrr THEIFS)  are selling at this point.  But alas I can’t so I’m drinking my life away today, I kinda wish I could add some booze to the drinks maybe it would make me forget that today I’m actually hungry, great thanks mental hunger!

And to top it all off all this fluid just keeps me running back and forth to the bathroom. 

From this moment on I swear to never even look at another coconut again..I swear …. I pinky swear.. it ain’t gonna happen.

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