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When Coconuts attack

June 14, 2010

The other day my mom purchased a couple of young coconuts.  She gave one of them to me and it was sitting in my fridge until I remembered it was there and decided to go ahead and break into it.

First let me tell you it’s harder to get into a young coconut then it is to get into a regular coconut. The fiberous husk that covers it was hard to take off and needless to say by the time I had worked my way to a hole small enough to fit a straw there was hust and coconut shreds all over my counter, sink, myself, the floor and the cat  who was sitting under me and covered in the husk and chunks of broken coconut but didn’t seemed at all phased by the whole experience.

So I finally got into the coconut

and plunged a straw into it and took my first sip and it took me back to when I was seven and my mom had taken me to Puerto Rico.  One of my uncles would bring young green coconuts the fresh water had a nutty clean flavor and this one was just like that.  The cool water, the nutty taste it was in short delicious.

But a few minutes after I drank the water my GERDS kicked in and HOLY cow pukies I was about to dig a hole and throw myself into it.  I was in such pain for about 20 minutes finally it subsided after drinking a little ginger ale. Now I’ve heard that Coconut is great for heartburn and GERDS but apparently not for me.  

As tasty as that drink was and as much as it took me back to my childhood I think that my days of  coconut juice are over.

But I do recomend trying it, it really is a delicious taste just take it in small sips.

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