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Days Gone Past

June 14, 2010

I was in my parents apartment this weekend and decided that I would pull some of my dad’s art work to sell for him.  He was shadowing me around the house as usual when I go upstairs. He’s 77 years young and fully retired so everytime you so much as look at him he wants to egage you in a long winded drawn out conversation which isn’t a norm for him since he is very much like me and rarely talks.

Anyway he says to me by the way there are some painting in the crawl space.  So I jump over furniture to crawl into the very dusty crawl space and came across this.

This is a painting my dad did of my mom he painted this about 5 years ago it depicts her at the ate of around 16 which was shortly before they met.  I said Dad who is this? and he just giggled and said your mom.

As I weeded through the paintings I could see how age has changed his style a bit.  The images are a bit shaky now, the paintings leans a little to the right (I should add my dad is just about blind in his right eye). 

And many of his painting show memories of his birth place which he hasn’t returned to in almost 50 years. 

Part of me really doesn’t want to part with any of his work but I know having it out in the hands of others who would appreciate it would be an honor to him. 

So I’ll be posting a few more of his photos that will be up for grabs soon.

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